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Teens: Drive Safely This Prom And Graduation Season



It’s the season for high school proms and graduation parties. High school students look forward to celebrating these milestones of their teenage years, anticipating the fun such a night provides.

Let’s keep the smiles on those faces. It’s all too easy to become distracted when driving on normal days, let alone special nights like proms.

Number one, keep the cell phones tucked away in pockets or purses while behind the wheel. There is nothing more important than arriving at your destination safely. No text, or Instagram posting, or Facebook posting, or any other social media message is so important that you have to post it right away.

Whether you’re driving or a passenger, concentrate on the road. Drive defensively. Buckle your seatbelts. Keep an eye out for other drivers whose attention might wander, who then drift across the centerline or off the edge of the road. Let the driver do what he’s supposed to be doing: concentrate on driving.

And we say it every year: don’t drink and drive. Drinking before you turn 21 is illegal. Alcohol and driving will never mix, no matter how old you are.

Let’s keep this time of year a happy, celebratory time for everyone. Have a great time, but stay safe!

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