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Taxpayer Loan To Ruralogic A Good Investment

The Village of Archbold plans to loan $400,000 in taxpayer money to Ruralogic, a start-up information technology company, based on the promise of more than 130 new jobs coming to Archbold in five years.

Good decision? Or folly?

Joe Burmester, chief executive officer of the company, talks about 500 new jobs in Northwest Ohio in five years, beating overseas IT companies at their own game with a retrained Northwest Ohio workforce.

A total of 500 new jobs? In this economy? In Northwest Ohio? Who’s kidding who?

It’s so incredible it reminds one of the expression, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

But go deeper. All the principal players in Ruralogic have successful backgrounds in the IT field. They started, developed, and sold one IT company and started another. They have a proven track record.

Their business plan is sound: retrain Northwest Ohio’s outstanding workforce, take advantage of the lower cost of doing business in a rural setting, and provide IT service to American companies without the problems, frustrations, and hidden costs of going overseas.

Archbold, and Northwest Ohio need jobs; jobs for today’s workers and the workers of tomorrow. Now is the time to make bold moves to see that jobs come here.

Archbold’s decision to make the loan to Ruralogic is just such a move.

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