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Tax Revenue Increases

Officials Cautious

Fulton County Sales
Tax Revenue

Feb., 2009 $282,375.36
Feb., 2010 $309,698.34
Difference ($) +$27,322.98

Difference (%) +9.7%
2009 $588,132.41
2010 $591,134.72
Difference ($) +$3,002.31

Difference (%) +0.5%
Information provided by Fulton County
Commissioners office. Figures rep
resent sales tax revenue received by
Fulton County from the Ohio Departm
ent o f T axation, f or F ulton C ounty’s
1% share of revenue generated by
sales taxes on goods and services in
Fulton County. Monthly figure rep
resents money received that month;
year-to-date money received from
Jan. 1 of that year through the month
indicated. Archbold Buckeye chart.

Revenues for the Fulton County sales tax and Village of Archbold income tax increased in February.

But officials of the village and county are being cautious in their optimism.

The Ohio Department of Taxation returned more than $309,000 in revenue to the county in February, representing sales taxes charged for goods and services in the county.

That’s up more than $27,000 from February 2009, when total revenue was about $282,000, an increase of about 9.7%.

Vond Hall, Fulton County administrator, said it’s the first time sales tax revenue has increased over the same month in the previous year in 14 months.

It generally takes three months for the Ohio Department of Taxation to collect the full amount of sales taxes, divide out Fulton County’s share, then return it to the county.

The February total does not include the half-percent (.5%) increase in the county’s share of sales tax. Total Fulton County sales tax had been 6.5%, with the county receiving a 1% share.

In September 2009 county commissioners voted to increase the tax, jumping the county’s share to 1.5%, and the total to 7%.

The Ohio Department of Taxation told merchants to begin collecting the higher tax at the start of 2010.

Hall said revenue from the sales tax increase will show on the county books in April.


The Village of Archbold has gone nine months since the monthly income tax revenue topped the same month the previous year. The last time was April 2009.

Preliminary figures as of Friday, Feb. 26, showed Archbold income tax revenue in February 2010 was $682,815, up $32,633, about 5%, over February 2009, when income tax receipts grossed $650,182.

After the first two months of 2010, Fulton County sales tax is up $3,002.31, about half a percentage point, over the first two months of 2009. Sales tax revenue is more than $590,000.

Archbold income tax still lags by $102,039, with a total year-to-date collection of $889,691. The difference is about 10.3%.


“Two months does not create a trend,” Hall said. “County officials will closely monitor the situation as we go forward.”

Looking at the village income tax figures, Howell said, “it is way too early in the year to make any projections.

“We will know much more after our next typically big months, which are April and May.”

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