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Take Precautions In Severe Weather

The tornado sirens are wailing, but the weather doesn’t appear too bad.

When sirens sound, severe weather could be around the corner, so head for safety.

Tornado warnings are issued when there is: 1) radar indication of a tornado, 2) and/or reliable reports of a tornado by a spotter such as a police officer or fire department official.

The tornado siren warns residents by wailing three minutes. Turn on a local radio or television station to get more information.

But what if you’re sleeping and the house is closed with the air conditioner running? Keep a portable, battery-powered weather radio in your bedroom; it will sound when weather warnings are issued.

Do you have a tornado action plan for a life or death situation? Determine the safest place in your home. Have emergency supplies ready: flashlights, batteries, battery-powered radio, fresh water, and a little food.

Tornado sirens are tested on the first Friday of each month at noon. Notify village or county authorities if a siren is malfunctioning.

If you think it can’t happen to you. You may be wrong.

On Aug. 25, 1965, a tornado traveled 15 miles from Stryker to Wauseon, causing damage of $500,000 to $1,000,000.

On July 12, 1992, a tornado struck Pettisville, causing $1.5 million damage.

Modern weather-forecasting technology can do amazing things, but tornadoes are unpredictable. They appear quickly and shift directions.

Isn’t it good to be prepared?

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