Archbold, OH

Take Precautions Against Theft

Anyone who thinks Archbold is still the kind of town where you can leave your doors unlocked and keys in your car have repeatedly been proven wrong this year.

There have been several theft reports appearing in the pages of this newspaper. Police have leads in some cases.

It’s difficult to stop a determined thief. That’s been proven in the past, when thieves have chiseled their way through concrete block walls or peeled the siding off of buildings to get inside.

But often, citizens make it easy for thieves, by leaving valuables in unlocked cars, and doors to homes unlocked, etc. etc.

It takes but a few minutes to make sure the car and the house are locked.

More than that, citizens should keep an eye out for their neighbors. Be on the lookout for the unusual. Are unknown cars in the neighbor’s drive at the wrong time? Are lights on in a business when it’s closed? Is someone out walking at an odd hour?

All are worth a call to the police or sheriff. Officers and deputies would rather hear of these concerns right away, than after a theft has occurred.

Lock your house and car. Be mindful of your neighbor’s property. Call the police if you see something suspicious. Just a moment’s reaction could stop a thief in his tracks.

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