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Take Inventory Of Your Personal Property

Can you imagine walking with an insurance adjuster through the rubbish of what used to be your house, and trying to visualize and list every possession you used to have?

Here are some easy ways to efficiently get the job done:

•Go from room to room, categorize your possessions, (, clothing, etc..) and write everything down with a brief description. This is the time-consuming way. Other ways are:

•Take a still photo camera or video camera and pan each room, making sure to focus in on the more valuable items. Taping a description to still photos, or verbal narration on the video tape, would also help.

•Use a digital camera and make digital images of all your personal property. Print the images with brief descriptions below each photo, and save copies off site.

•For large appliances and electronic equipment, instead of writing a description, just jot down the serial number from the unit. These numbers are usually on the bottom or backside of the appliance.

•With some items you may have, it is a good idea to keep a receipt with each copy of your inventory. For example, it will be difficult to convince an insurance adjuster that that pile of molten fabric used to be an $8,000 couch, complete with built-in cooler, tv remote, and massaging unit. Although these “special” items are rare, they are around.

•Collections such as pottery, fine art, jewelry, firearms, etc., almost always have special limitations on coverage on a homeowner policy, if they are covered at all. Contact your agent about how to specifically “schedule” these items on your policy.

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