Archbold, OH

Swimming Pool Safety Critical

Temperatures are rising, school is out, and there are few better ways to cool off on a hot day than a dip in the village swimming pool.

While the water can be inviting and relaxing, it can also be deadly dangerous. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission states that each year, about 260 children under the age of five drown in swimming pools.

Over the last few years, pools have been a popular addition to private homes in Archbold. Archbold’s strict zoning laws require fences around private pools, but there’s more homeowners need to give attention to.

Children should not be left unattended in or around a pool. If children can’t be supervised while in the pool, they shouldn’t be there.

In addition, swimming lessons or flotation devices aren’t substitutes for supervision. Accidents still happen.

Pool safety sources recommend keeping rescue equipment and a telephone near the pool at all times- just in case.

Every pool should have rules, such as no running, no pushing, and no dunking. The rules must be enforced and obeyed.

Pay special attention to pool drain covers. Depending on the filtration system, swimmers, particularly children, can become trapped by the suction, and their swimsuits can become entangled. Make sure such drains are safe.

Don’t let swimming pool fun turn to tragedy.

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