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Swanton Turnpike Plazas Close; To Be Rebuilt

The Ohio Turnpike Commission closed two service plazas near Swanton, Thursday, afternoon, Dec. 1.

The two plazas, known as Fallen Timbers and Oak Openings, were the last plazas from the turnpike’s opening in 1955.

The closings were “not primarily a financial decision,” said Lauren Hakos, public affairs manager for the Commission.

The plazas were closed because of “the age and condition of the buildings, requirement to remediate the sites due to past fueling station operations, and outdated physical plant.”

The buildings were heated by fuel oil, she said.

Hakos said the Commission had always intended to close the particular sites and then “rebuild them as part of the Service Plaza Capital Improvement Program that began in 1998.

“The Commission decided to rebuild the busier plazas first. Oak Openings and Fallen Timbers were the only ‘old’ facilities remaining.”

The commission plans to reconstruct the two service plazas. Work is scheduled to begin in 2014.

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