Archbold, OH

Summer On The Farm At Sauder Village

Sauder Village visitors will have the opportunity to try their hand at a wide variety of activities during "Summer on the Farm," Saturday, July 12.

Visitors try everything from making rope to cranking an oldfashioned ice-cream freezer. At 2 pm, visitors can help erect a wigwam in the Natives & Newcomers area.

Weather permitting, there will be a threshing demonstration in the fields, and visitors can learn about the traditional threshing meal.

Andi Erbskorn, curator of education for the village, said "Summer on the Farm" is a day for families and children of all ages to connect with their past.

Also on Saturday is the annual Fiddle Contest. Fiddlers from throughout the region will gather and compete in two divisions, one for students and one for adults.

Several area residents will be volunteering at the village.

Ken Wasnich, Archbold, and Steve Dimick, Pettisville, will lend a hand with threshing, while Neal and Julie Beck, and Evelyn Nafziger, Archbold, will make soap the old-fashioned way.

Ruth Dinius will pick geese.

Also assisting are Gwen Kruse and Vera Schmidt, Archbold.

Junior historians volunteering are:

Archbold: Cara Foor, Grace Diller, Carissa Diller, Emily Short, Pete Schoenhals, Natalie Rupp, Theresa Miller, Amanda Miller, Orion Nines, Levi Strawn, Anna Schoenhals, Kennedy Wyse, Ashley Rabe, Hannah Groeneweg;

Fayette: Genevieve Randall, Jimmy Randall, Madeline Randall, Michael Heinze, Rebecca Heinze;

Stryker: Luke Graber, Megan Graber.

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