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Summer Is Time For Bikes, But Remember The Rules

“No bike riding” on sidewalk sign in Archbold.

“No bike riding” on sidewalk sign in Archbold.

A driver on Holland Street has a green light as she gets ready to drive through the North Defiance Street intersection.

All of a sudden, a girl on a bicycle rides right through the intersection, in front of the car, oblivious to the fact she should have stopped because the light was green, and she shouldn’t be riding her bike on the downtown sidewalks in the first place.

The driver finds out later it isn’t the first time this bicycle rider has done this.

Bicycle riders seem to forget that they must follow the rules of the road, too… and the rules of the village.

Persons are not allowed to ride bicycles, skateboards , and inline skates on the sidewalks in downtown Archbold. Riders have three options; ride them in the street, ride them in the alleys on either side of North Defiance Street, or walk them on the sidewalks.

There are good reasons for this rule. At least twice, downtown pedestrians have been struck by bicycles, resulting in broken bones. The doors to many businesses open directly onto the sidewalks. A pedestrian walking out of a business can be struck with little or no warning.

Larger “No bike riding” signs in downtown Bowling Green. Sign is painted on the sidewalk.

Larger “No bike riding” signs in downtown Bowling Green. Sign is painted on the sidewalk.

Village officials need to do a better job of delineating the no-bike area, with better signs and or pavement markings. Right now, there are small signs on poles– signs that very few people notice.

As we have suggested before, a large circle with a slash through it with icons of bicycles, skateboards, and inline skates could be painted on the sidewalks at intersections, like Bowling Green does. These are easily visible to everyone, unlike the signs Archbold currently uses; you can’t be on the sidewalk and not see them.

Summer is also the time for property maintenance. Home owne r s need to fix up, clean, and trim their properties so Archbold can put on its best face for visitors.

A well-maintained home not only boosts property value for the homeowner, but also the value of neighboring properties.

Do your part to keep our downtown safe, and our village looking its best this summer!