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Subject Arrested, Released Due To Jail Overcrowding

Archbold police arrested, and later released, a man due to overcrowding at the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio.

Police arrested Blake Patterson, 31, Ridgeville Corners, on a warrant for failure to appear in Western District Court.

An officer stated in his report that at about 6:35 pm, Tuesday, Nov. 7, while on patrol on Stryker St., he spotted a car with a turn signal that blinked erratically.

The officer ran the license plate number and learned there was a warrant issued by the court for failure to appear. Bond for the warrant was $5,000, 10% not allowed.

The officer stopped the car in the 1200 block of Stryker Street, and after making a positive identification, placed the driver under arrest.

No Room

Thom Ross, police chief, said, “Before the subject was transported all the way to CCNO, the officer was advised that CCNO was not taking any prisoners due to Fulton Co. not having any available bed spaces.”

Linda Shambarger, CCNO manager of offender programs, confirmed that, saying jail doors were closed to Fulton County the morning of Nov. 7.

CCNO allows 55 beds for prisoners from Fulton County. At that time, there were 61.5 prisoners from the county. She said one inmate had charges from both Fulton County and another county.

She said Nov. 7 was the first time CCNO closed its doors to Fulton County in 2017.

Doors were reopened at 3 pm the following day, when Fulton County reduced the number of prisoners.


Ross said several phone calls were made. Eric Nagel, Western District Court judge, was made aware of the situation.

Nagel said Patterson could be released. He was told to appear on Nov. 8 to resolve the issue.

Ross noted Patterson did appear. He was given a Jan. 17, 2018 hearing date.

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