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Stryker Street Sidewalk Waits On Street Project

A sidewalk along the north side of Stryker Street, extending to Archbold Hospital, won’t be done until Stryker Street is rebuilt.

That’s what Archbold Village Council members learned at their Monday night, June 7 meeting.

Kevin Eicher, councilman, said he had been asked about such a sidewalk project.

Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, said village officials had decided to include the sidewalk in the Stryker Street reconstruction, set for the 2012 construction year.

The project is complicated.

On the north side of the street in the area of Kevin’s Plumbing and Heating, 806 Stryker Street, there is simply no room for a sidewalk. Business parking lots abut the street, or come close to it.

Wyse said he would like to see the sidewalk constructed, but it made no sense to build it, then remove and replace it when the street reconstruction comes along.

In another street-related issue, Wyse said no decision has been made about the extension of Lafayette Street.

Village officials had planned to accept bids for the extension of Lafayette Street from its west end to Co. Rd. 24.

Declining municipal income tax collections have sidelined the project.

So far, from Jan. 1, 2010 to the end of May, the village’s muni tax collection is down almost 9% compared to the same time period in 2009.

Wyse said council will discuss whether or not to construct the Lafayette Street extension yet this year or wait until the following year at a 6 pm, Monday, July 26, work session.

The decision will be based on performance of the income tax.

Kevin Morton, council member, asked about a decorative metal collar for the pole that replaced the bollard on the southwest corner of the Stryker Street-North Defiance Street intersection.

Howell said village officials wanted to wait to see how often the pole is hit before ordering the decorative piece.


Morton asked about village workers cutting the lawn at a North Defiance Street home.

Village zoning ordinances require the village to notify the property owner when the grass reaches 12 inches.

But Morton said by the time the village gives the property owner second and third notifications, the grass will be closer to 18 inches before it gets mowed.

Wyse said he had recently seen information that showed a village does not have to wait a specified period of time after second and third warnings.

In relation to the South Street reconstruction project, Howell said the project is on hold until Toledo Edison crews can move some utility poles in the area.

Exec Session

Council was in executive session for about 45 minutes during the Monday meeting. Invited into the session was Mark Hagans, village legal advisor.

No action resulted from the closed-door session.

Council reviewed the police report, village street department labor report, and zoning report for May.

The zoning report indicated permits were issued for four fences, a sign, an awning with a sign, and one new single-family dwelling. None required variances.

Village of Archbold
Municipal Income Tax

May, 2010 $519,871.32
May, 2009 $556,173.68
Difference ($) -$36,302.36

Difference (%) -6.5%
2010 $1,771,229.83
2009 $1,945,057.61
Difference ($) -$173,827.78

Difference (%) -8.9%

Information provided by Village of Archbold Income Tax Department, as provided to Archbold Village Council; monthly figures represent gross income tax receipts received from the village’s 1.5% income tax during the month, plus the same month one year ago; Year-to-date figures are for income tax collected during the indicated years, from Jan. 1 to the end of the month indicated.

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