Archbold, OH

Storrer Nightclub Moving Forward

Construction of Dan and Cheryl Storrer’s nightclub is moving forward, Cheryl said in an interview last week.

Workers are installing new infrastructure in the Stotzer Building, at the corner of North Defiance Street at West Holland Street in Archbold.

“We are pretty much on schedule. Originally, we thought we would be ready to open in May, but now it looks like it probably will be early summer,” she said.

Rumors in the community said the Archbold couple had run into problems with state inspectors, but Storrer said that is not the case.

“We’re taking a building that was never a restaurant establishment,” and converting it to such a structure.

“There are code requirements, occupancy code, food, health department, state codes for all of that, but we knew all of that before we started.” she said.

The building is believed to be at least 100 years old. As workers have removed a tile floor and dropped ceilings, they’ve revealed the original wood floor and tin ceiling.

Storrer said, “half the floor is pine, the other half is oak. Somewhere, the building was added onto. We’re going to try to restore the original wood floors.

“The tin ceiling has always been there. We’re going to keep that as well.”

Preparing For Business

Preparations also are underway to operate a nightclub, which had been described as a restaurant, bar, coffee house, music venue, and art gallery all rolled into one.

“We’re still working on hiring a chef. We have a few more interviews to conduct. We hope in the next two weeks to have a decision made,” she said.

The theme of the nightclub will be “casual fine dining.” That phrase will describe the menu and the atmosphere.

Some of the club’s fixtures, tables, chairs, etc., have been purchased.

“We’ve found interesting pieces at auction. It’s going to have an eclectic feel. We’ve found some light fixtures and some interesting artistic pieces to give us that eclectic feel,” she said.

“We’ll soon be ready to begin arranging for the display of local artwork and booking local musicians.”

The Storrers have applied for a D-5 liquor permit, which would allow them to sell beer and other liquors.

The permit application is pending, waiting final inspection of the premises, said a spokesman of the Ohio Department of Liquor Control.

Building History

The Stotzer family business was started as a harness shop in 1858 by Frederick Stotzer.

It evolved into a harness and hardware business.

Later, the family built the two-story brick building at the corner of North Defiance and West Holland streets.

It operated until Dec. 31, 2006, when Rick Stotzer, the fifth generation to operate the business, closed the doors.

At the time, Stotzer said the decision was purely economics; the business could not generate enough sales to cover expenses.

In March 2007, Max Jr. and Amy Smith, rural Archbold, purchased the building. Max Jr. is the general manager of WMTR, a commercial radio station that has occupied the second floor of the building since 1968.

The Storrers announced their plans in late June 2007.

Excitement, Anticipation

Storrer said the feedback they’re getting from the community is excitement and anticipation.

“Many people peek in when construction is going on, or pop in the back doors,” to see what’s going on, she said.

The public asks when the nightclub will open, she said.

For Storrer and her husband, the process is exciting and invigorating.

“We feel like the building is a perfect location for downtown Archbold.”

She said the building has so much character, it would be a shame if the public could not see the interior.

Storrer said even though at times it would have been easier to start with new construction, “this has the right feel.”

“We are totally enjoying the process. We are learning so much about the whole restaurant hospitality industry.

“We’re having a ball.”

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