Archbold, OH

Stolen Property Recovered, Man Found In Bushes

Archbold police officers recovered stolen property and found an allegedly intoxicated man in the bushes at Nu-Arch Lanes about 1:30 am, Sunday, Jan. 30.

Two APD officers were called to the bowling center for an unwanted subject. They were told the subject was lying in the bushes at the southwest corner of the building.

The officers found the subject, and asked him why he was lying in the bushes.

“He would say something, but made no sense,” the APD report states.

Officers stated in their report they believed the subject was highly intoxicated.

Officers were also told the subject had been seen in a vehicle in the parking lot. When they checked the lot, they found a compact disc player and a container of energy mix that were removed from two vehicles, both owned by Michael J. Woodruff, rural Wauseon. Value: $60.

The man found in the bushes was taken to his residence.

The investigation continues.


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