Archbold, OH

Stevens Qualifies For Pro Bowlers Association

Chandler Stevens

Chandler Stevens

Chandler Stevens, AHS ‘11, has qualified to be part of the Professional Bowlers Association.

He received his first “paycheck,” earning $1,100 in a PBA tournament, Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 8-9.

Mary Austin, Archbold, Stevens’ mother, said her son qualified for the PBA in a tournament, Friday, Sept. 7.

Austin said her son, seeded third, finished fourth.

His winnings go into a special account with the American Bowling Congress. Withdrawals can be made for college tuition or other expenses; but for Stevens, it allows him to keep his amateur standing.

A student at the University of Northwestern Ohio, Lima, Stevens is not bowling with the UNOH team.

He is studying business.


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