Archbold, OH

Stepping Up For School Board

Public service often gets a bad rap.

Men and women who choose to hold public office are often ignored, criticized, disparaged, panned, condemned, lambasted, and boycotted for their decisions as public servants. It’s a shame, but that’s often the case. No matter what decisions they make, some people will like the decisions, and some won’t.

And yet, public service is an honorable, noble endeavor. Those who are willing to place their name on a ballot, run for office, and perform the job– often part-time for a pittance of pay– deserve recognition for their selflessness to serve the community. It is honorable service.

This summer, only one of the two incumbents on the Archbold Area School Board chose to seek reelection, and no one else filed petitions for the second seat. The school board would have had to appoint someone to fill the chair.

Then two local men– David Wyse and Jeremy Hurst– stepped up and decided to run as write-in candidates.

They join John Downey, the incumbent seeking reelection, in a three-way race for two seats.

Few know the reasoning as to how they decided, but we do know they accepted the responsibility and put their names on the ballot. They deserve our appreciation for their willingness to serve.

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