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State: Archbold, Pettisville Tops On Report Cards

Archbold and Pettisville School districts were again ranked as “excellent” on the Ohio Department of Education school district report card.

The report cards were released yesterday, Tuesday, Aug. 14.

It is the seventh consecutive year Archbold received the state’s top rating, and the fourth straight year for Pettisville. Pettisville has been ranked excellent in six of the last seven years, and has received ODE’s top ranking a total of seven times.

Four Fulton County school districts: Archbold, Pettisville, Evergreen, and Wauseon, received the top ranking on the ODE district report card system.

Three school districts: Gorham Fayette, Pike-Delta-York, and Swanton, were ranked as effective school districts, the second-highest level.

By The Numbers

To achieve the excellent ranking, Ohio school districts must meet 29 of 30 indicators, based on elementary and middle school achievement tests, sophomore and junior Ohio Graduate Test results, attendance rates, and graduation rates.

Archbold and Pettisville met 29 of 30 requirements.

Both districts missed a perfect score, based on one area, eighth grade social studies, which was a new test in 2006-07.

To pass, at least 75% of the district students must score proficient or higher on each of the tests.

Pettisville’s score on the eighth grade social studies test was 67.6%. The Archbold score was 73.5%, missing the criteria by just 1.5 percentage points.

Also, schools must meet the Average Yearly Progress, or AYP requirements. AYP is a measure of the performance of student sub-groups such as ethnic group, financial status, or disabilities. Archbold and Pettisville met the AYP requirements.

Both districts could have earned the excellent rating based on their performance indexes. The index ranges from 0 to 120; a 100 or better score is required. Archbold had a 103.9 score for the 2006-07 school year, up from the previous year’s 103.

Pettisville’s performance index was 106.2, up from the preceding year’s 104.8.

Both school districts met district improvement status requirements.


David Deskins, Archbold Area School District superintendent, said Archbold test scores were among the best in a six-county, 33 school-district area.

In fact, in eighth-grade social studies, the one area where Archbold failed to meet the 75% requirement, Archbold scores were the highest in the area.

Archbold OGT scores were second in the six-county area, behind only one other school district- Pettisville.

Archbold passed 22 of the 30 requirements with scores of 90% or above, passed six of the 30 with scores between 80% and 90%, and only scored between 70% and 80% in two areas: the eighth grade social studies test, and the eighth grade science test.

The district scored a 76.5% on eighth grade science, enough to pass.


In a prepared statement, Steve Switzer, Pettisville school district superintendent, said, “We are pleased to again be classified as an excellent school district, and especially, to see some of the statistics trending in the right direction.

“Our performance index increased from 104.8 to 106.2; attendance increased from 96.7% to 96.9%.

“Any success we have is because our students take the tests seriously and follow the excellent guidance of their teachers as they prepare for the measures.

“Since we do not have curriculum personnel, that duty falls on the principals and teachers so they do double duty in this area.

“And we would be remiss not to credit the parental support that exists for our students in their efforts.”

Of the 30 criteria, Pettisville met nine with perfect 100% scores, meaning 100% of Pettisville student tests scored profi- cient or higher.

The Pettisville district passed 16 criteria with scores of 90% to 100%, and four criteria were passed with scores between 80% and 90%.


Across the state, eight of 10 Ohio school districts achieved the excellent or effective level in 2006-07.

There were 139 excellent school districts, down from 192 in 2005-06. The number of effective districts zoomed from 299 in 2005-06 to 347 in 2006-07. Another 113 fell into the continuous improvement category, and 11 were on academic watch.

For the second year in a row, no district in Ohio fell into the academic emergency category.- David Pugh

Ohio Department Of Education School District Report Cards

For Fulton County Rankings (from highest to lowest):

Excellent, Effective, Continuous Improvement, Academic Watch,

and Academic Emergency)

School District Ranking
Archbold Excellent
Pettisville Excellent
Evergreen Excellent
Wauseon Excellent
Gorham-Fayette Effective
Pike-Delta-York Effective
Swanton Effective

Source: Ohio Department of Education, Interactive Local Report Card Home Page: Archbold Buckeye Chart.

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