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Stamm’s Court Battle Over Phone Charges Continues In Common Pleas Court

Kent Stamm, Archbold, former owner of The Pop Shop, is still pursuing a lawsuit against Sprint, one of Archbold’s local telephone providers, a case that has gone on for five years.

Filed as a class-action suit, the case has been all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court, which remanded, or returned, the case to the Fulton County Common Pleas Court for further action.

Stamm said the case involves a practice called “cramming,” in which allegedly fraudulent charges are placed on a personal or business phone bill, often by a third party, such as another company.

The phone company contends an employee of The Pop Shop authorized charges to The Pop Shop’s bill; Stamm said the employee told the company he or she did not have the authority to approve those charges.

Recently, Stamm appeared again in the Fulton County court, as the case was reopened.

Stamm said he got his money back from Sprint, “but that wasn’t the issue. It keeps going on all the time.

“I get angry every time I talk about it,” Stamm said.

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