Archbold, OH

Stacy’s Thumb Located

The Thumb” has been found.

Dennis Stacy, retired Archbold fifth grade science teacher, was looking for The Thumb, a severed human thumb that was kept in a jar filled with formaldehyde, a chemical preservative, which he kept in his classroom for several years.

An area man had lost The Thumb in an accident. In the 1980s, the man’s grandchildren brought The Thumb to school.

Eventually it was given to Stacy. One of the grandchildren told him, “Grandpa said you could keep it. You like it better than he does.”

The Thumb stayed in Stacy’s classroom for the next 15 to 20 years.

When he retired from teaching in 2000, he gave it to one of his students, who would have been a member of the Class of 2007.

Today, Stacy manages commercial properties in Toledo.

When friends refused to believe he kept a severed human thumb in his classroom, he set out to locate it.

A classified ad and an article about his quest appeared in this newspaper in January.

Stacy said in May he learned The Thumb is back with the original owner. The family wishes to remain anonymous.

His search had other benefits.

“I did get quite a few emails from past students, friends, etc. who read the article in the Buckeye,” he said.

“It was great hearing from people I haven’t talked to in years!”–David Pugh

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