Archbold, OH

St. Rt. 66, Co. Rd. 24, The Carrot And The Stick

There is an old story about a donkey, a carrot, and a stick.

To motivate the donkey to move, the animal is offered a reward in the form of the carrot. Should that not be sufficient, the donkey is punished by hitting it with a stick.

Archbold Village Council is using a similar reward-and-punishment technique with the German Township Trustees and the Fulton County Commissioners.

Council’s goal is to find a way to improve the flow of truck traffic to and from industries on the west side of Archbold. Working with the Ohio Department of Transportation and a consulting firm, the proposed $39-million solution, which would reroute St. Rt. 66 to Co. Rd. 24, has been well documented.

Support for the project waned, as the commissioners recommended not building the project while the trustees withdrew their support.

So, at a joint work session Monday, Feb. 5, Jeff Fryman, mayor, offered the carrot: Join us. Work together with us to find a solution to our problem, for the good of everyone.

Kevin Morton, council president, administered the stick: If that doesn’t work for us, the only option that solves our problem is to move forward with the $39 million highway relocation.

Solving the traffic problem in Archbold is not easy; there are even those who say Archbold does not have a problem.

There is a solution out there. Let’s hope more carrots than sticks are used in finding it.

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