Archbold, OH

Spring Affirms The Easter Story

For Christians, Easter represents the central promise of the faith– that Jesus was resurrected from the dead to find life eternal, and all who follow him can share in the promise of rebirth.

Nature herself affirms that promise of rebirth, for Easter comes in the spring, when all around us, rebirth and renewal takes place.

Trees, flowers, shrubs, and even the grass begin to grow again after a long winter’s nap. The temperature moderates, bringing people out of their homes to once again enjoy the outdoors.

Just as Easter marks the end of the Lenten season, a time of darkened sanctuaries and crosses draped in purple, spring marks the end of winter, when skies are often dark and nature enters her long period of slumber.

No matter what goes on in the world of man– recession or boom, war or peace– Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ, and nature confirms the miracle of the resurrection with the miracle that is spring.

Just as Christians are confident that time on earth is not all, that there is life after death in the house of the Father, all can be confident that after the long winter, spring will follow and free us from the grip of cold and sunless days.

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