Archbold, OH

Spike Strips Successful Three Of Four Tries In Stolen Car Pursuit

A fleeing car, allegedly driven by Jobe Gonzales- Reynolds, 20, Fayette, struck spike strips three out of four times during a nearly 40- minute car chase, Tuesday, July 17.

Originally, reports were the car hit the strips only once.

An Archbold police report states spike strips “were deployed successfully at Co. Rds. 21 and C, as well as twice at St. Rt. 2 and Co. Rd. 22.

“The spike strips were unsuccessfully deployed at East Lutz Rd and Clyde’s Way as the vehicle was able to drive around them.”

Spike strips are special tools used by police to puncture the tires of a fleeing vehicle.

An officer places the strips, with spikes attached to it, in front of the suspect vehicle. The officer then pulls them clear before pursuing police vehicles pass.

The goal is for the tires to deflate at a low rate, allowing the driver to maintain control.

The chase began at 8:47 that night, and concluded when the car, which was reported stolen, crashed into Hit Trophy at the intersection of St. Rts. 66, 2, and Co. Rd. E at 9:25 pm.

Gonzales-Reynolds was arrested at the scene and taken to the Fulton County Health Center, where he was kept overnight.

The following day, he was booked into the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio, where he is still being held on a $50,000 cash bond.

Gonzales-Reynolds appeared in Fulton County Western District Court, Tuesday, July 24, where he was bound over to the Fulton County Common Pleas Court on a felony charge of fleeing and eluding deputies.

He also faces charges in Western District of DUI and failure to control a motor vehicle.

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