Archbold, OH

Spengler Field: Spirit Of Service

Archbold’s Spengler Field, where fond memories of Blue Streak gridiron glory were formed, is looking much better today because of efforts of the Archbold Rotary Club, local businesses, and volunteers.

Spengler Field has been replaced by a wonderful new football stadium, but it continues to host youth competitions, and no one can deny its historical significance.

Yet in the days of tighter-than-tight school budgets, Spengler Field deteriorated.

Enter Archbold Rotary, who accepted the challenge to upgrade and maintain the facility.

Rotarians and others volunteered their labor, and businesses donated or offered services at reduced rates. The result is Spengler Field once again looks like the top-notch facility of yesteryear.

The community effort put into Spengler Field is another example of the culture of volunteer service to community that pervades in this village.

Listing all the great things accomplished by men and women in the name of community is impossible. Citizens of this village have influenced the state, the nation, and the world. Missing even just one contributor would be a great injustice.

Our culture of volunteer service is one of many reasons our community is a great place to live, raise a family, retire, and be happy.

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