Archbold, OH

Spending Money To Save Money Is Good

The Archbold Area School District made a smart move recently, changing the way the district purchases electricity from Toledo Edison.

Essentially, the school district will buy power at a higher voltage, then use its own transformers and other equipment to lower the voltage to the more common 220 volts (and eventually, 110), of which everyone is familiar.

This move cost the district money. The school board authorized spending more than $28,000 to buy high-voltage primary power from TE.

But school district officials estimate that over a year, buying primary power will save the district $44,000 to $48,000.

That’s $44,000 each year, every year.

At first glance, the idea of spending $28,000 to save money seems quite dim; but cutting the school power bills by $44,000, and possibly more, makes the dim-bulb idea turn bright.

This changeover, which took place Tuesday, Sept. 8, only applies to the two Lafayette Street schools; Archbold High School and Archbold Elementary. There’s more savings to be had if and when the district can get the Archbold Middle School onto primary power.

The Village of Archbold has utilized primary power for years. The three major parks– Ruihley, Memorial, and Woodland– utilize primary power.

Isn’t spending $28,000 to save $44,000 a year a good deal for everyone?

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