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Speeds Topped 90 MPH In Chase

Kentwan Robinson

Kentwan Robinson

Kentwan Jacquest Robinson, the driver of a car that crashed in Stryker after being chased off the Ohio Turnpike, was having his 26th birthday the day he was arrested.

Information from Fulton County Eastern District Court states Robinson was born on Dec. 28, 1992.

On Dec. 28, 2018, Robinson was driving a car westbound, fleeing from the Ohio State Highway Patrol at speeds topping 90 miles per hour.

Robinson and Tarell Thomas Williams, 29, both of Bridgeport, Conn., and Carlos Fabian Pagan, 29, Ansonia, Conn., were captured in Stryker following a chase that started about 9:50 am on the toll road near milepost 46, west of Swanton.


An OSHP press release states troopers stopped a westbound car for speeding on the Ohio Turnpike, but the vehicle fled and the chase was on.

The chase proceeded west at high speeds. Troopers attempted to use tire puncturing “stop sticks” to disable the vehicle, but were unsuccessful.

Tarell Williams

Tarell Williams

The fleeing auto got off the turnpike at Exit 25, the Archbold Fayette interchange.

Reports vary at this point, but the suspect vehicle was reported traveling west on St. Rt. 2.

Steve Schlosser, Stryker police chief, said the Williams County Communications Agency received word about the chase about 10 am.

Schlosser said there were two Stryker officers on duty at the time: A.J. Treace, a lieutenant, and Shaun Fulk, a patrol officer.

Fulk went about a mile and a half outside the village on St. Rt. 2, northeast of Stryker.

Treace went to Williams Co. Rd. 21N and G-40, north and east of Stryker, in case the fleeing auto turned north.

“So patrolman Fulk saw the vehicle coming at him, and clocked it doing about 93 miles an hour on the radar,” Schlosser said.

“He got right out and started in pursuit. He didn’t even see the other units behind him. I think they were close to a mile to a mile and a half behind the suspect vehicle.

Carlos Pagan

Carlos Pagan

“At that point, they came into town from St. Rt. 2. Shaun said he could see the vehicle turn to the east on Road Street, which is our Co. Rd. F-50.

“When he saw them try to negotiate that turn, he saw them hit a large boulder– like a decorative boulder in the front yard– and they crashed out.”

The crash occurred about 10:10 am.

“He only saw one person (the driver) exit the vehicle,” Schlosser said.

The others probably got out and hid using cover from some trees, he said.

“Shaun ended up catching up with the driver. It wasn’t really conducive for a foot pursuit at that point, be- vehicle. He had eyes on the suspect.

“So they ended up in Springfield Township Park. He (the suspect) ran around the tennis courts (with Fulk chasing in his patrol car) and the guy ended up running back to the west and hopped a residential fence surrounding a guy’s backyard.”

Schlosser described the fence as a wooden residential privacy fence.

Fulk waited about five minutes until other officers arrived.

Then Fulk, Treace, and Kyle Miller, a Williams County sheriff deputy, “hopped the fence and took the driver (Robinson) into custody. He was hiding under an aboveground pool deck,” Schlosser said.

Robinson was transported to the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio.

Two Left

Other officers, including OSHP and Williams County sheriff deputies, began to arrive.

Also there to assist were Leo Wixom III, Archbold police chief, and Nate Slough, APD patrolman.

Steve Mendez, a Stryker police sergeant, was there with Rocco, his police dog. Ken Jacob, WCSD deputy, brought Ruin, the sheriff department canine.

Other dogs from OSHP were also involved.

OSHP troopers called in a highway patrol helicopter from Columbus.

As alerts went out to Stryker residents to lock their doors, the search for the remaining two got underway.

Schlosser said officers found that while neighborhood residents were not home, many had left their doors unlocked

“It’s our due diligence to make entry and to clear that house to insure that there’s nobody there,” Schlosser said.

“I know there was a vacant house, in very close proximity. Chief Wixom and Nate Slough ended up clearing that vacant house, because our officers found a house right across the street that was unsecured.

Wixom had the Archbold Police Department drone, a small remote-control aircraft, with him, but did not use it.

“So our officers went into that house which wasn’t occupied, but somebody was living there.”

While the search was underway, a teenage boy walked into a detached garage and discovered the two suspects inside.

“Once he saw the two guys inside the garage, he took off running,” Schlosser said.

As he ran, he yelled for police.

The suspects– Williams and Pagan– ran toward a nearby row of pine trees and attempted to hide underneath.

At about 1:30 pm, they were taken into custody.

The Gun

OSHP seized the car used by the suspects.

Troopers searched it and discovered a loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun with a 30-round magazine.

None of the suspects brandished the firearm at officers during the chase.

One aspect of the incident was the three law enforcement entities involved all use different radio systems.

Williams County uses traditional frequency modulation (FM) radios.

OSHP uses the state of Ohio MARCS, the Multi- Agency Radio Communications System.

Archbold, like all Fulton County entities, uses the Northwest Ohio Regional Public Safety System– the “Lucas County system.”

MARCS and the Lucas County system are digital systems.

Yet, Schlosser said, “When we had to do it (talk to each other), we did it.

“I can’t say enough about our friends to the east. As far as Archbold and Stryker, we’re no more than four or five miles apart.

“They were here when we needed them, and vice versa. When they need us, we’re going to be there in a heartbeat.”


Pagan and Williams each appeared on Monday, Dec. 31, 2018, in Bryan Municipal Court on charges of obstructing official business. Both entered guilty pleas.

They were fined $300, with $85 in costs, and sentenced to 90 days in jail, with 80 days suspended.

They were released from CCNO on Wednesday, Jan. 2.

Robinson appeared in Fulton County Eastern District Court on Jan. 2 via video. He was arraigned on a charge of felony fleeing and eluding, and his case was bound over to the Fulton County Common Pleas Court.

Bond for Robinson is $100,000 cash; no 10% payment is allowed.

As of Sunday night, Jan. 6, he was still being held at CCNO.

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