Archbold, OH

South Defiance Street Project Near Completion

There are just a few days of work left to finish the repaving of South Defiance Street, Bob Seaman, village engineer, said Monday.

“There’s a couple of days of work adjusting manholes and catch basins, then we have to put down the pavement markings. But if all goes well, we should be done by the end of the week,” Seaman said.

Work crews may have to set up some small work zones as they work on the manhole covers, but “most of the inconveniences to travelers are over,” he said.

The project is ahead of schedule. Originally, paving wasn’t to begin until this week. Seaman said so far, there have been no rain delays for the street project.

Plus, few problems were encountered.

Seaman said there were two small areas where the base asphalt was soft. To correct the problem, workers used the large pavement grinder to grind down to the original brick under the street. The areas were then filled with special asphalt formulated for the base of streets. Topcoats are applied over the base course.

Truck Capable

Seaman said the asphalt applied to South Defiance Street meets Ohio Department of Transportation specification Type 1 Heavy, which is manufactured for use on roads that typically carry heavy trucks.

Smith Paving & Excavating, Norwalk, was the winning bidder on the South ance Street project, agreeing to do the work for $267,427.50.

The bulk of the money for the project comes from the American Reinvestment & Recovery Act, more commonly known as federal economic stimulus money.

South Street

Work continues on the South Street reconstruction project.

Toledo Edison crews have been working to relocate poles in the area, and workers from Ohio Gas Company have been on the job for about three weeks moving gas lines, Seaman said.

The contractor of the project, Heer Excavating, was set to begin laying new waterlines on Monday.

The project has a targeted completion date of Nov. 24, the day before Thanksgiving.

Seaman said while that’s a long time away for most, “it’s just around the corner in the construction world.”

The Heer Excavating bid for the South Street reconstruction project was $928,939.75.

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