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Sort Out Juvenile Case

An Archbold police officer was called upon to sort out an incident involving two juveniles and an adult, Thursday, Nov. 2.

The police report states at 4 pm, someone called police stating two juveniles crashed their bikes into one another about 3:20 pm. The caller told police the adult– the father of one of the alleged involved in the collision– pushed a boy to the ground.

The report said the officer spoke to the parents of the boy that was allegedly pushed; they said everything was all right and there was no problem.

The officer also spoke to the adult involved. He told the officer his son was not involved.

“In fact, he saw two boys arguing and getting ready to fight because of the accidental bike collision,” the officer wrote.

The man told the officer “all he did was step in to make sure they would not (fight).”

Police closed the case.

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