Archbold, OH

Social Media Policy A Good Idea

Internet-based “social media” is a relatively new invention. The various kinds of social media allow us to almost instantly keep friends and relatives apprised of our daily activities.

But like any tool, it can be misused. Sharing too much information makes one vulnerable to ridicule– or worse.

Vaughn Bentz, a member of the Archbold Park Board, realizes the double-edged sword of social media.

He cautioned about the dangers of adult coaches sharing information with youngsters over the Internet.

It may seem innocent, but through one misconstrued comment, one flippant remark, or one misunderstood phrase, a coach can find the weight of the world crashing down on his or her shoulders.

Andrea Thiel, a board member, noted social media is a good way for a coach to communicate news items of a practice being cancelled.

Bentz agreed, but still had concerns. He pointed to the example of a friend of his who found himself the subject of accusations of sexual misconduct with a juvenile, even though the girl later admitted the charges were false. Bentz’s friend still had to defend himself, and go through mental anguish.

Clear, concise policies about the use of social media will go a long way toward preventing problems before they occur.

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