Archbold, OH

Soccer Decision Correct

Many citizens were disappointed when the Archbold Area School Board said no to varsity boys soccer, but the decision was correct, without question.

To paraphrase the famous Clinton administration saying, it’s all about the economy. The soccer supporters’ persuasive presentation could not overcome today’s grim economic realities.

Academics in Archbold, Ohio, must come first. Since the school district’s fi- nancial crisis erupted in 2006, cuts included:
•Senior projects
•Use of the alternative school for atrisk
•Supply budgets cut, twice
•Media center aide
•Music teacher
•Science teacher
•Math teacher
•English cut by three-quarters of a

•Work and family life teacher, cut to half-time.

•Physical education teacher, cut to half-time.

Many, if not all, of the cuts must be restored before the school can begin adding new programs.

Soccer supporters said their sport, like football and basketball, could support itself, but school board members aren’t willing to take the gamble.

The supporters’ offer of a $6,000 unrestricted donation to the school is generous, but it sounds like an attempt to buy a new school program that may cost money later on. Setting such a precedent is bad.

The soccer players deserve the varsity sport. Being denied their wish was a harsh lesson, but in such times, it’s a lesson that needs to be taught, young and old.

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