Archbold, OH

Snow Removal Law Long Overdue



The Archbold village council decision to enact a snow removal ordinance is long overdue– years and years overdue.

The ordinance, which had its first reading on Monday, April 18, is a reasonable solution to a problem that has plagued the village for a long, long time.

Most citizens have performed their civic duty and made sure their sidewalks are shoveled and are clear of snow. However, there are some who choose to ignore their responsibility to their neighbors and the community and allow sidewalks to remain impassable.

The proposed ordinance requires that sidewalks be cleared of ice and snow within 48 hours after a storm. This is a reasonable time frame that should not overly tax any citizen.

Once approved by council, the snow removal ordinance will give police a tool with some teeth to use against citizens who refuse to keep their walkways clear.

While most enforcement consists of friendly reminders or perhaps stern warnings, there is the potential for fines up to $500.

Walking, whether it’s for pleasure, fitness, or to get from one place to another, should always be encouraged. Keeping sidewalks clear of snow and ice is an important part of the equation.

Clear sidewalks are also imperative for those with wheelchairs or disabilities.

Archbold must be a walkable community every day of the year, and at all times.

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