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Smelly House To Be Cleaned Up

A Cleveland company has promised to clean up the vacant house at 210 Wilson Street. The property is known as the “Smelly House.”

The vacant house got its name because water collected in the basement, creating an odor problem that infested neighborhood homes.

The Columbus office of Huntington Bank has decided it wants to be a good corporate citizen and honor its responsibility to maintain “Smelly House.”

That’s good news, but please excuse Archbold if we take this newfound gush of conscientiousness with a large grain of salt.

Where was Huntington last year, when neighbors were complaining about the odor? Why, after months of stalling and foot-dragging, should we believe an army of workers, paid by Huntington Bank, will make “Smelly House” sparkling clean?

The home has been an insult to all Archbold property owners who work every day and every weekend, and spend untold dollars, to keep their homes looking attractive and in good repair.

This newspaper questions whether the mold growing inside the house can ever be eradicated. The best solution is to demolish it and fill in the basement before the neighborhood becomes more polluted.

Then Huntington Bank could prove what a great corporate citizen it is, by donating the lot to Groundbreakers, Shepherd’s Circle, or Habitat for Humanity.

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