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Sluder Outspends Miller In Sheriff Primary

Rick Sluder, unsuccessful candidate for the Republican nomination for Fulton County

Sheriff, spent $1,049.41 more than Roy Miller, who won the GOP slot in the March 6 primary election.

Information on campaign spending, required by state law, was taken from documents filed with the Fulton County Board of Elections.

Sluder’s campaign committee raised and spent $9,252, about 12.8% more than the Miller campaign, which raised $9,301.70 but spent only $8,202.59.

That left the Miller campaign committee with $1,099.11 cash on hand.

Miller also had $494.66 in in-kind contributions.

Since no one filed for the Democratic side of the primary for sheriff, Miller won’t have to face Democratic competition in the Nov. 6 fall general election. He may face a write-in opponent.

Contributions, Miller

The Roy E. Miller for Fulton County Sheriff campaign committee, Kathleen S. Miller, treasurer, filed its final campaign finance report with the Fulton County Board of Elections on Monday, April 2, well ahead of the Friday, April 13 deadline.

The single largest contribution to the Miller campaign was Gene Miller of rural Lyons, who listed his occupation as “retired.” He donated $4,000 to the campaign.

The candidate and his wife donated $1,271.70 in checks of $300 and $971.70.

Other contributors:

$550: Jose Parodi, Maumee;

$500: Truman F. Weigand, Archbold; Margie Shininger, Delta;

$450: William Shininger, Delta;

$300: Dale E. and Nancy E. Wolfe, Delta;

$250: Michael D. Mattin, Delta;

$200: Robert Bay, Dale Wolfe, Delta;

$110: Pauline Zuver, Archbold;

$100: Robert Moor, Stephanie Rayfield, Gerald Snyder, Delta; Charles Kurfiss, Darrell E. Merillat, Lowell Warncke, Mark & Lynn Robinson, Wauseon;

$75: Benson McClarren, Delta;

$50: Bill Higgins, Waldron, Mich.; Judy A. Schamp, Wauseon;

$40: Clayton Foor, Archbold;

$25: Larry Dickson, Delta;

$20: William A. Gorsuch, Delta;

$10: Harold Bernath, Wauseon.

There were three in-kind contributions. The candidate donated $38.46 for sign hardware; Jason Simon, Fayette, donated homemade signs valued at $200, and Margie Shininger, Delta, spent $256.20 printing flyers.

Expenses, Miller

Expenses for the Miller campaign:

Siefker Photography, Swanton, pictures, $26.75;

Dynamite Designs, LLC, Wauseon, t-shirts, $117.70;

Fulton County Board of Elections, Wauseon, Republican voter address labels, $91.20; candidate filing fee, $80;

Tomahawk Printing, Wauseon, signs, $2,445.06; postcards, $810.15;

NOBCO, Archbold, radio advertising, $895;

Concept Printing, Wauseon, political signs, $701.92;

Wauseon postmaster, postage, $1,087.22;

Delta Atlas, Delta, advertising, $182.25;

Archbold Buckeye, advertising, $521;

Morenci Observer, Morenci, Mich., advertising, $150;

Farmland News, Archbold, advertising, $117.94;

Fulton County Expositor, Wauseon, advertising, $642.90;

Three Cord LLC, Archbold, 10 large signs, $321;

Farmers & Merchants State Bank, Archbold, check printing, $12.50.

Contributions, Sluder

The Committee to Elect Sluder for Sheriff, Heather A. Kessler, assistant treasurer, filed its final campaign fi- nance report on Friday, April 13.

The Sluder campaign raised $1,350 at a “social or fund-raising event,” at a Wauseon restaurant on Thursday, Feb. 16. Expenses for the event were $450, resulting in a net of $900.

Contributors at the event:

$200: Margaret Shirkey, Delta;

$100: Lois Childress, Delta; Chasity Nofziger, Diane Nofziger, Kevin Nelson, Wauseon;

$50: Teresa Whitney, Buffy Buckenmyer, Delta; Justin Thompson, Wayne Badenhop, Douglas Shaw, Robert Krumm, Marv Wheeler, Randi Wudi, Leonard Richer, Mary Arruda, Wauseon;

$30: Derek Alen, Wauseon;

$25: Jeff Fryman, Archbold; Marlene Buckenmeyer, Delta; Ann Roth, Swanton; Kay Sager, Keith Torbet, Glenn Tappon, Kyle McQuillin, Wauseon;

$20: Marsha Pike, Wauseon.

The single largest contrib- utor to the Sluder campaign was Gloria Sluder, Blairville, Ga. She contributed $4,700, in two checks of $2,700 and $2,000.

Randal Sluder, Tavares, Fla., made a $1,000 contribution.

The candidate contributed $200 to his campaign.

Other contributors:

$500: Dave Industrial Surplus, Archbold;

$300: Keith Thompson, Delta;

$250: Nofziger Farms, Wauseon;

$200: Marie Lingler, Wauseon;

$100: Ralph Smith, Delta; Guardian Engineering & Manufacturing, Larry Huner, Wauseon;

$50: Garry Chamberlin, Delta; Dan Schmitz, Leo Schmitz, Patrick Frank, Virginia Rice, Ivan Hite Wauseon;

$44: Phillip Kessler, Jason Fisher, Terry Zeigler, Wauseon;

$20: Robert Batdorf, Wauseon.

Expenses, Sluder

Expenses for the Sluder campaign:

Tomahawk Printing, Wauseon, business and pocket cards, $652.06, 125 signs, $2,777.99; print mailers, $48.15; 100 sign frames, $534.21;

United States Postal Service, Wauseon, stamps, $246.02; mailers, $1,606.78;

Fulton County Treasurer Association, Wauseon, candidate dinner, $15;

L&L Shirt, Wauseon, sweatshirts, $18.25;

Robert Jones, Toledo, web design service, $375;

Dollar General, Delta, envelopes, $7.49;

Ohio Ethics Commission, fee, $60;

WMTR, Archbold, radio advertising, $1,210;

Skye Cinema, LLC, Wauseon, on-screen advertising, Feb. 2-March 5, $132;

Sullivan’s Restaurant, Wauseon, food for fund-raiser, $450;

RTEC Communications, Ridgeville Corners, advertising, local channel, $30;

Archbold Buckeye, advertising, $325;

Farmland News, advertising, $148;

Fulton County Expositor, advertising, $592.80;

Farmers & Merchants State Bank, Archbold, check printing, $32.25.

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