Archbold, OH

Skepticism Over New Fire Department Proposal

If the residents of German Township– inside the village of Archbold and out– are skeptical of the latest proposal for the Archbold Fire Department, they have a right to be.

At least twice before there seemed to be a deal in place between Archbold Village Council and the German Township Trustees, only to have the agreements go to pieces after village officials studied the numbers closely.

Archbold Village officials claim the trustees used the fire department as leverage in a political fight over separation of the village and the township.

Council said the fire department would be more efficient under total village control.

Finally, an issue has been found that is gaining some traction of equity.

Village officials, after decades of the old system, dived deep into the numbers and say village residents are paying more for the same fire protection than those who own property in the township outside the village.

The new suggestion, the “two-mill proposal,” is gaining support. But it, like other agreements, could fall apart over details.

Let us hope this two-mill deal goes through. We’ve already had a year of debate on the topic. We don’t need to start a second year of uncertainty over how the Archbold Fire Department will be financed and operated.

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