Archbold, OH
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Sisters In Ashland Women’s Chorus

Brittni and Brandi Meyer, rural Archbold, are members of the Ashland University Women’s Chorus. The daughters of

The Chorus performs at a number of campus events, including the Spring Choral Concert.

—— Michael and Joan Meyer, they

The Oscar for Best Title are majoring in biology. Both

Writing was given only once, in are 2005 graduates of Archbold

1928, before it fell victim to the High School.

talkies. The winner was Joseph

The Women’s Chorus gives

Farnum, for his work on two

women an opportunity to study

MGM films, The Fair Co-ed and

and perform choral literature

Laugh, Clown, Laugh.

written especially for treble


voices and representing a variety

I’ll lean on you and you lean

of styles, eras, composers,

on me and we’ll be okay.- Dave

and languages.


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