Archbold, OH

Simplify Your Life, Starting At Home

If your home is like many, there’s one room that just doesn’t work with the rest of the house.

To help you fix that, here are four simple solutions that you can execute in a weekend or less.

1. Remove the clutter and organize your chaos. Too many pieces of furniture, accessories and small appliances create conflicting styles.

That doesn’t mean you have to throw stuff out, however. You can still keep everything you own.

Just don’t have everything you own out at once.

Rotate your art and furniture with the seasons. Maximize your cabinet space with organizers and stackers.

Put away appliances and utensils in your kitchen. Decorate with bowls of fruit and flowers.

2. Work with what you have. When picking colors and accessories, consider what you currently own and highlight the pieces you love.

You can transform just about any room simply by rearranging the furniture and applying a fresh coat of paint.

3. Create your own design journal.

Look through design books and magazines and tear out pictures of rooms you love and rooms you dislike. You should start to notice reoccurring preferences that can inspire you.

4. It’s time for new jewelry.

Just like adding a new piece of jewelry to your wardrobe, accessorizing the bathroom or kitchen with a new faucet and hardware can make the room feel new.

The old rules about having to match all your metals– faucets, drawer pulls, hinges, light fixtures– are gone, so get what fits your design personality.

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