Archbold, OH

Signs At Medical Center Proactive

Large signs stating there is no emergency medical service at the Archbold Medical Center are not in response to people still coming to the facility seeking emergency care.

The Archbold Medical Center, formerly known as Archbold Hospital, closed its emergency room doors Friday, Sept. 10, due to financial reasons.

Also closed were the inpatient rooms.

Since the closure, Phil Ennen, chief executive officer of Community Hospitals & Wellness Centers, said, “To the best of my knowledge, no one has shown up seeking care.”

Ennen said the signs were put up “to be fair to the community.

“Not everyone can be expected to read the newspaper or watch television,” he said.

In addition, he said both the Ohio Department of Health and the hospital accrediting agency expect Community Hospitals & Wellness Centers, which owns and operates the medical center, to be proactive, and post the signs.

“Those signs are big and large for a reason,” Ennen said.

They notify, and continue to notify, persons approaching the hospital they cannot find emergency care.


If persons seeking care make it inside the door, there is another sign, plus maps to every emergency room where persons can be reasonably expected to travel.

The maps include directions to Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon; Henry County Hospital, Napoleon; CHWC’s Bryan facility, and emergency rooms in Defiance.

Ennen said plans are to take the signs down at the end of September.


Ennen said he had not received any significant reaction to the closure from the Archbold community.

“Of course, we’ve had some negative reaction from some of the (CHWC) staff, especially those who are losing their jobs. That’s natural; you can’t fault them for that,” he said.

Ennen said CHWC received a lot of benefit from its booth at the Fulton County Fair.

“There were a lot of people who were left with the impression that the entire facility was closing.

“We were able to tell them they could still get things like laboratory, therapy, and same-day surgery” services.

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