Archbold, OH

Sidewalks Answer To High Gas Prices

The price of gasoline is again flirting with the $4 threshold, with talk of $5 per gallon before year’s end.

This is particularly difficult for rural areas like most of Northwest Ohio, because public transportation options do not exist.

But Northwest Ohio residents, like Americans in general, are a resourceful group, and they are finding answers. In Archbold, more and more bicycles are appearing. Golf carts, only recently allowed on village streets, are scooting around town.

And more and more people are choosing to walk.

Now communities need to support the walkers, by adding and maintaining sidewalks.

America can’t completely give up the car, so there will always be traffi c on streets and roads. But to make it easier to walk, sidewalks are needed to separate pedestrians from vehicles for safety and convenience.

Pettisville residents understand, and are pursuing grant funding to build sidewalks in their fine community.

America in the 21st Century must have walkable communities. Everywhere there is a street or road, there should be a sidewalk.

Protest the price of gasoline! Next time, take the sidewalk!

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