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Sidewalk Bid Awarded

Krueger Construction, Archbold, was the winning bidder for the construction of sidewalks on North Lincoln Street and West Barre Road.

Archbold Village Council approved the bid of $22,560 for about 2,850 square feet of four-inch thick concrete sidewalk, and 30 square feet of six-inch sidewalk, during its Monday meeting, Oct. 11.

The bid was $2,440 under the $25,000 estimate of the village engineering department, a difference of about 9.8%.

Heer Excavating, rural Archbold, was the only other bid, at $22,997.50, $437.50 more than the Krueger bid and $2002.50 under the engineer estimate.

Completion date is Dec. 15, 2010.

Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, told council the North Lincoln Street sidewalk will connect the Fairlawn Haven sidewalk to an existing sidewalk on North Lincoln Street. The West Barre Road sidewalk will connect to a Sauder Street sidewalk.

Vaughn Bentz, councilman, asked about a sidewalk along Wilson Street to the Archbold Elementary School. Howell said he had talked to a property owner on Wilson Street who was willing to work with the village on an easement through the property.

Final Change

Council also approved a final change order for construction of a waterline along Co. Rd. 24, from a point near the Co. Rd. 24 Norfolk Southern crossing to a point near the intersection of Stryker Street and Co. Rd. 24.

Lingvai Excavating, Bryan, was the contractor.

The final change order increased the price $1,033.48, making the final project cost $105,429.98.

The new waterline connects two others in the area, creating a loop. Howell said if there were a break in a waterline in the area, the loop won’t need to be shut off to the Archbold Medical Center or other water customers.

Sewer Ordinance

Council also approved changes in the language of the village sewer ordinance.

Howell said the law’s last major change was in 2005, when it was amended to include a pre-treatment program for industries.

However, Howell said the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency was unhappy with some of the language within the village wastewater ordinance.

Working with Frank D’Ambrosia, head of the wastewater treatment plant, Howell said about 10 changes were made in the law.

Council was given the option to go through three readings on the new law, but Jeff Fryman, councilman, said he preferred to pass the issue in one reading.

The new law takes effect in 30 days.

Fewer Trees

Council learned the village will not replace all of the trees removed during efforts to cut down ash trees in the village.

Howell said the tree board met Sept. 27 with Jennifer Kidder, director of Archbold Parks & Recreation, and Jason Martz, village street commissioner.

Howell told councilmen the village received a state grant to remove and replace ash trees. The replacement must be trees that will grow to a larger size.

Under the guidelines imposed by the grant, such large trees can be planted no less than 50 feet apart along a street. As a result, fewer trees will be planted.

In village parks, the 50- foot rule does not apply.

Howell said the village is buying trees 2 1/2 inches in diameter, “a little bigger than we normally purchase,” he said.

The trees are coming from Acorn Farms, near Galena. The nursery’s bid was 40% under others.

Council members reviewed the street department labor report, police department and village financial reports.

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