Archbold, OH

Short, Hayes Participate In Cross-Cultural Experiences

Bailey Short and Shayla Hayes, both of Archbold, are participating in Bluffton University cross-cultural experiences in May.

Short, AHS ‘14 and daughter of Ryan and Lindsey, is learning about the culture and history of Botswana while living with a host family.

Students participating in this program will have the opportunity to travel to the capital city and have opportunities to serve the village.

She is a senior majoring in dietetics.

Hayes, AHS ‘14 and daughter of Aaron and Jenny Brown, is collaborating with the Olive Branch Mission, located in south-side Chicago.

Students participating in this program will better understand the social, racial and economic struggles facing low-income families in an urban environment and one “Christian” response to these issues.

She is a junior majoring in early childhood education and intervention specialist.

The experiences fulfill the undergraduate cross-cultural requirement that must be completed before graduation at BU. Students can either complete a cross-cultural experience or take six credit hours in one foreign language.

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