Archbold, OH

Shopping Begins!

While some retailers were ready for Christmas around Halloween, the passage of Thanksgiving truly starts the Christmas shopping season.

For many, Christmas shopping means standing in line for items already out of stock, waiting to check out, shivering in the cold while trying to find your car in the huge parking lot, and navigating big-city traffic.

Avoid the inconvenience and expense. Merchants in Archbold and surrounding communities can likely provide the items you want in a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Your friends and neighbors might have the right gift for your special someone.

Avoid the stress. Try to get what you want in your own town.

Of course, money spent in town stays in town, because merchants support our local schools and fundraisers. The county also benefits; sales taxes collected here support county government.

Isn’t it good to spend your Christmas money wisely, at home?

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