Archbold, OH

Shop Local This Christmas Season

‘Tis the time of year to be making lists and checking them twice, as the Christmas shopping season has officially arrived.

It’s important to make every dollar of the gift-giving budget count.

That’s why shoppers need to visit local stores for gift-giving needs.

It’s tempting to run to the big-city, big-box stores to scoop up all the super special deals, but what will that trip really cost?

With gas prices around $3.50 a gallon, what does it cost to take the family vehicle there and back?

Also factor in the time it takes to travel, find a parking place far out in the blacktop wilderness, hike through the cold to the store, hunt down what you’re look for, and then repeat the process in reverse. It’s an all-day trip, at least, and that means at least one meal out added to the overall expenses.

Then, hope the big box store still has the sale item. Chances are, it’s sold out, and only more-expensive alternatives are available.

So, please think about shopping locally. Save gas. Park conveniently. Eat at home, or enjoy a local restaurant with people you know. Get the items you want from local merchants, who support your community in many, many ways throughout the year.

Less expense, less time, less hassle– that’s one of the best Christmas gifts of all to your community.

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