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Shoes Spotted Hanging On Utility Wires; A Sign Of Graduation?

Shoes hanging from utility wires made the Archbold police log last week.

Jason Martz, village street commissioner, told Archbold police on Monday, May 24, a pair of shoes had been thrown over a utility line at Ditto Street and West Williams Street.

It is suspected the shoes were tossed over the wire sometime the previous weekend.

The police report also notes shoes were found hanging over utility wires at the intersection of East Holland at North Lincoln streets; Stryker Street and the alley west of the 200 block of Ditto Street; South Defiance at South streets; Murbach at High streets; Murbach at North Lincoln streets; South at West streets, and in the 100 block of East Mechanic Street.

The report states officers had contacted the respective utility companies to have the shoes removed.

The shoelaces were tied together, and the pair thrown like a South American bolo. The laces struck the wires, and the weight of the shoes wraps the laces around the cable.

A search of the Internet finds no definitive explanation for shoes thrown over wires. Some reports say it’s a sign of street gang activity; others say bullies take shoes from their victims and throw them over wires as a taunt.

There have been reports that neighbors, fighting to reclaim their streets from gangs, throw expensive shoes over the wires as a sign gang activity will not be tolerated.

There is one possible explanation that could apply to the Archbold case; in some places, shoes are thrown over utility lines to mark a graduation, such as from high school.

The Archbold police report on the incident states offi- cers have no suspects.–David


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