Archbold, OH

Shoes, Bicycle Reported Stolen

A pair of shoes and a bicycle were reported stolen to Archbold police, Tuesday, April 18.

A report was filed, stating a 14-year-old Archbold boy had taken off his new shoes while at South Park, and went walking around with friends.

The shoes are valued at about $75. Inside the shoes were a pair of orthotic inserts, worth $300.

When he returned to get his shoes about 7:15 pm, they were gone.

A witness reported seeing a subject walking west from the park, carrying the shoes.

Police are investigating.

Stephan P. Zaborniak, 311 Ditto St., reported a bicycle had been stolen.

One of his children had parked the blue-black speckled bike with 26-inch wheels on a side patio at his residence on Saturday, April 1. When the youth returned on Tuesday, it was gone.

The bike was valued at $20.

Police closed the case, pending further information.

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