Archbold, OH

Sheriff Releases Scam Warnings

The Fulton County Sheriff Department issued a warning of telephone scams.

Roy E. Miller, sheriff, said in a press release county residents are receiving calls from persons who claim to represent the federal Medicare program.

The callers claim they need the potential victim’s personal information, such as bank account numbers, social security numbers, etc., in order to send out a new Medicare card.

“This appears to be fraudulent activity,” Miller said.

Medicare only issues cards through its website or when a person requests one directly from Medicare.

“Grandson In Jail”

A second scam that is being reported in Fulton County is the “grandson-in-jail scam.”

In the scam, a person receives a call saying his grandson has been in an accident or is in jail in another country, usually Mexico.

The “grandson” needs money for bail or for medical treatment, and it must be sent by wire transfer right away.

Miller cautions never to give out personal information over the phone, and be very careful about sending money by wire transfer.

“Before sending any money, make sure you know the people you’re are dealing with,” Miller said.


Miller said anyone who has a concern that a call or an item received in the mail might be a scam should call FCSD, or the local police department.

“We would be glad to speak with the person calling or examine your mail to see if it is a scam,” he said.

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