Archbold, OH

Share Christmas With Your Merchants

Whether you’re cutting back or splurging a little, it’s more important than ever to remember and do your Christmas shopping in Archbold this year.

When you spend your Christmas dollars in your hometown, your money stays at home. The money passes through many, many hands. Your dollars support local merchants who in turn support your community and make donations to your favorite charities all year long. How many times do you hear a merchant say no?

Merchants are like the rest of us. They, too, shop locally. They, too, pay local taxes. They, too, contribute to local schools, churches, and fund-raisers. They, too, write many paychecks. When you spend your money here the money circulates round and round.

Whenever there is a charity that needs support, an event that needs to be sponsored, or a program that needs funding, the first stop is always the local merchant.

Many go to the merchants with a hand out, and seldom leave emptyhanded.

This past year has been difficult for our citizens, just as it has been for everyone. The world economic crisis did not stop at our borders or the edge of town.

Merchants rely on the last three months of the year to turn the red ink on their books to black. This year, the ink is redder and thicker than ever.

Please do your Christmas shopping at home this year. You and your community will benefit.

Is there a nicer way to show appreciation to your hometown?

Money spent here stays here and comes right back at you.

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