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Sexual Harassment Needs To Stop

A tsunami of sexual harassment allegations has been in the news the past few weeks, with the accusations coming from Hollywood to Washington, D.C., to everywhere in between.

It isn’t just women making the allegations, either. Men are also accusing others of sexual harassment.

Some ask why. Why now? Why didn’t the alleged victims speak out earlier? Why didn’t they tell someone right away, when it happened, instead of waiting months, years, or decades?

Anyone who has been sexually harassed knows why. Because people won’t believe you. Because you could get fired. Because you’ll be attacked a second time– but this time it’s verbal, with the harasser saying you wanted the “attention,” that the comments were “innocent,” that it’s just “locker room talk.”

Because you have no proof.

Women, especially, learned a long time ago to keep their mouths shut and just try to avoid the harasser.

No more. A few victims told their stories, and then a few more, and then more. Now the dam has broken. Women… and men… and hopefully members of the younger generation… are learning they don’t have to accept the unwanted comments, or touching, or worse.

A conversation about unwanted sexual attention has started. It’s about time.

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