Archbold, OH

Sesquicentennial Committee Hard At Work

Every host and hostess knows putting on a great party, from a child’s birthday to a wedding reception, takes more than a little effort. Whether the party is simple or elaborate, a great deal of time, energy, thought, and planning are required.

Archbold turns 150 years old in 2016, and there’s a group of people who are hard at work to make the Sesquicentennial a truly memorable event.

The main celebration is scheduled for July 13-17. While July is months away, those working on the project realize there is no time to lose.

Sesquicentennial planning has already taken many, many hours, and will require hundreds more. As is often the case, the work of a relative few will make a fabulous event for all.

The committee members working on the project, who are taking time away from jobs and families, need encouragement and help from everyone.

From donations of time and ideas to materials and money, the Sesquicentennial committee depends on everyone to make Archbold’s 150th anniversary a success.

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