Archbold, OH

See Eyes Of Freedom At County Museum

In the War on Terror, many American men and woman have given their lives to keep the rest of us safe.

Few have paid more in lives than Lima Company, a Columbus-based Marine Corps Reserve unit that served in Iraq. Lima Company lost more than 20 members– mostly to the terrorists’ favorite weapon, the roadside bomb.

This weekend, The Eyes of Freedom– a traveling memorial, not only to the men of Lima Company, but to all those who served– will arrive in Fulton County.

Friday evening, May 10, at around 7 pm, as many as 1,000 motorcyclists are expected to escort the truck carrying the memorial to the Museum of Fulton County across from the Fulton County Fairgrounds on St. Rt. 108, north of Wauseon.

An opening ceremony will be held at 10 am, Saturday. The memorial remains at the museum until Saturday, May 18.

The Eyes of Freedom features lifesize portraits of 23 Marines who lost their lives. Through those portraits, military veterans and civilians alike can look into the faces of those who were lost.

Through the portraits, the cost of war becomes more than just another media report. It becomes actual men– living, breathing men– who died for our freedom.

Watch the six-minute video, Eyes of Freedom-Our History on the Archbold Buckeye Facebook page to learn more. Then visit The Eyes of Freedom.

Take a moment to honor their sacrifice with your presence, with a prayer, and perhaps, a tear.