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Second Time’s The Charm For Wind Turbine Blades



The second attempt to install the blades on the Archbold Area School District wind turbine was successful Saturday morning, Nov. 3.
Aaron Godwin, the district wind energy consultant, said everything went smoothly.  By about 10 am, workers were ready to release the tension on the straps used by the crane to lift the blades, attached to the central hub, into place.
Once complete, the turbine, capable of producing 750 kilowatts (750,000 watts) of electricity for the elementary and high schools, will go into its commissioning period.
During that time, Godwin said workers work with Toledo Edison to make sure the turbine interfaces correctly with the power grid.
Other tasks to be performed include checking the programming in the turbine computers, and making sure all critical bolts are tightened to proper torque specifications.
The commissioning period could be complete in as little as two weeks.-Updated 11.3, 11:30 am




Too Windy On Friday; Wind Turbine Blade Installation Set For Saturday

UPDATE–  As of about 3 pm Friday Nov. 2, the crew charged with installing the blades on the Archbold Area School District wind turbine stopped their work due to high winds.

Aaron Godwin, the school district’s wind energy consultant, said the crew will try again Saturday morning, Nov. 3.-Post 11/2/12, 4:30 pm

As of about 11:45 am, Friday, Nov. 2, the blades for the Archbold Area School District wind turbine, which had been lifted to the top of the approximately 200-foot tall tower, were back down about midway.

Aaron Godwin, the district’s wind energy consultant, said the blades, which are attached to a central hub, are not hanging correctly in two nylon straps.

The back face of the hub mounts to the front of the gearbox-generator located in the nacelle at the top of the tower. Because the blades and hub were tipped forward at the top, the back of the hub would not mount properly to the gearbox.

The blades were lowered, and crews were working to adjust the angle of the blades and hub.

The wind created some problems for workers. At one point, one of the blades came in contact with the tower. Godwin said he looked at the blade, and determined it is not damaged.

Onlookers, ranging from adults parked in their cars to elementary and high school youths, visited the site to watch the giant blades, 84 feet long each, be lifted into the sky.

The blades, delayed by manufacturing difficulties, arrived Thursday, Nov. 1. They were attached to the hub yesterday in the parking lot south of the Archbold Athletic Complex.-Posted 11/2/12, 12:45 pm

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