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Second Time A Charm For Two Levies?

Voters across the four- county area will have a second chance to approve a two-tenths of a mill (.2) additional permanent improvement levy for the Four County Career Center during the March 6 primary election.

LeAnn Fritch, president of the Career Center board, said the levy is anticipated to generate an extra $594,000 for the Career Center. It will cost the owner of a $100,000 home $3.12 per year, she said.

County voters turned down the additional levy in November 2011, 24,585 to 21,574. Voters in Archbold, German and Franklin Township, and Pettisville precincts approved the levy. Freedom and Ridgeville Townships in Henry County also passed the levy.

If approved by voters, the levy will be continuing. It will be collected in perpetuity. It will not need to be renewed.

If the new levy is approved, it will replace an old levy, which expires during the 2011-payable 2012 tax year. That levy is also twotenths of a mill, but is being collected at an effective rate of one-tenth of a mill, because Ohio prohibits levy revenue from growing with inflation.

New Classrooms

Fritch said the money will go toward adding three new classrooms to the Four County building, along with building security enhancements and a new entranceway.

She said she did not have an estimated cost of the project, because bids are not in.

Fritch said the space is needed because the Career Center has experienced signifi cant growth.

“We’re up 60 students this year. We’ve grown 24% since 2004,” she said.

“We’re training over 1,000 students a year, plus 3,000 adults.”

The Career Center provides training for emergency responders, including emergency medical technicians and firefighters. The center also provides safety training for area manufacturing firms.

Union Cemetery

Voters in Clinton Township are being asked to approve a half-mill levy, which is made up of a replacement of four-tenths of a mill (.4) and one-tenth of a mill (.1) in new revenue for the Wauseon Union Cemetery.

The levy will remain on the books for five years.

Bob Krumm, cemetery board member, said the money will go for continued maintenance.

In the 2011 November election, Clinton Township voters defeated a request for 35 one-hundredths (.35) of a mill, by a vote of 1,636 opposed to 1,429 in favor.

The original levy was to be used for maintenance, but also called for the construction of a new building for maintenance and replacement of a tractor and a pickup truck.

Now, Krumm said cemetery officials will only replace mowers, leaf blowers, and string trimmers.

The half-mill levy will cost the owner of a $100,000 home about 26 cents a month– $3.12 a year, or less than $16 over the five-year life of the levy.

Krumm said the Union Cemetery got its name not from the Union side of the Civil War, but from a uniting of the City of Wauseon and Clinton Township.

He said residents in Clinton Township also pay for the upkeep of a cemetery in Pettisville.


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